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Thick Rice Noodles in Garlic Sauce November 10, 2006

Posted by Sarah in Dinner.


For the first time on this blog, I am going to talk about a recipe that I developed that failed. I will not be posting this recipe because it is my fault that the meal was gross. Sure, it may look pretty good, but it was so salty I couldn’t stand it. I have this bad habit of being kind of a perfectionist (don’t worry, I’ve been to therapy!) and whenever I make something that I find is less than what I wanted it to be, I feel quite unhappy.

My husband is great and always waits for me to say whatever is wrong with the meal first, since he knows I can sometimes be a little sensitive about stuff like that. So, the meal came out of the wok looking great and I had tasted it before serving and it seemed okay. A little salty, but do-able. After a couple bites however, I was well aware that this meal was too salty to be good. So, I said, “Hmm, it’s a little salty” And he said, “Uh, yeah. But I have a lot of water.” However, we were both hungry and kept eating. I could not finish it, but my sweet man ate it all. Obviously, it wasn’t that gross… but I was pretty disappointed (see above). I have really been excited about eating something made with thick rice noodles and I messed it up.

The only problem was that I kind of forgot how much sodium was in soy sauce, shaoxing wine, and oyster sauce. So … next time, instead of using 1/2 cup soy sauce, 1/2 cup shaoxing wine and 2 T oyster sauce, I will use much less. I’m thinking something like 2 tablespoons soy sauce, 2 tablespoons shaoxing wine and maybe 1 tablespoon oyster sauce. Then, I’ll move up from there. It is always easier to make something saltier that it is to make it less salty.

I suppose I could have thrown in a potato to absorb the salt, but that sort of thing doesn’t really go well for wok cooking since it is such high heat and the food cooks so quickly. I probably would have just ended up with seared or burned raw potato in my noodles.
Because I am so determined and because I love rice noodles so much, I am going to make this again some time soon. I won’t mess it up and it will be fantastic. Then, and only then, will I post the recipe!

If the fault had been in the recipe or if I didn’t know why the recipe failed, I would not be so critical of myself. However, I know exactly what I did wrong (but I also know how to fix it!) and I have made “Chinese” food enough to know better. So, I will triumph over the saltiness!

In other news, I’m pretty excited about all the upcoming food blogging events. I already have some things picked out that I want to make for Slashfood’s Nut Day on the 21st (the day before Thanksgiving break for me). I also have some ideas for the Truffle Challenge being hosted by The Passionate Cook for November’s Sugar High Friday. I’m really glad that I decided to make a food blog and find this community of people that love food as much as I do. My little blog is now about a month and a half old. Oh! My blog and I will share a birthday. It will be 2 months old and I will be … well … I’ll be a lot older! I could be its mother …



1. The TriniGourmet - November 14, 2006

Oh dear! I had a similar soy sauce related calamity myself (in the reverse). I made a shaoxing chicken with a new brand. I usually do allot for the saltiness of the soy when cooking. Well lo and behold not only was this soy sauce thin and watery it also had no flavor or saltiness. The chicken and sauce were such a let down. Never again!

2. extrapolater - November 15, 2006

I’ve been totally chicken to try anything thai. I like it so much when I go out, I’d hate to do a half-ass version of it at home. Some things I like to keep as a treat and let the pros handle it. Some day I’ll probably cave and try it out, though.

3. Brilynn - November 20, 2006

I hate failures too, a while ago I posted about a breakfast I made that, although it looked pretty, was absolutely horrible. Just the thought of it now is giving me a gag reflex. The problem in my recipe was my improvised sauce… *shudder*

4. Sarah - November 20, 2006

I know what you mean. One time, a long time ago I decided to make this authentic Chinese recipe that required me to cook a whole chicken in a variety of different soy sauces in a wok for a long time. I followed the directions and it turned out awfully. There was about 1/2 inch of burned chicken and soy sauce stuck to the bottom of my wok. It took forever to clean. For a little bit I was worried I had ruined my wok! It was the most horrible smelling thing and the chicken was so charred it was inedible. I’ve never seen anything burn so fast. By the time I realized what happened, it was too late. I’m still trying to live it down. It was so bad that we had to throw it away without even tasting it. That was probably my worst food disaster ever. Luckily this wasn’t that bad!

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