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Restaurant Review: The Spice December 15, 2006

Posted by Sarah in Ames Restaurants.

Well, unfortunately it has been awhile since I have blogged. This is mostly due to the fact that first I got injured and then I got sick. I am active in Taekwondo and I was testing for my black belt two Saturdays ago. I had an excellent testing until the end. I was sparring (fighting) and basically got kicked in the leg pretty hard. This injury rendered me unable to walk for two days and left me hobbling for a week. This made cooking hard and I really didn’t feel like blogging since I couldn’t cook. Then, just as my leg was starting to get better I got sick with whatever is going around and that really didn’t put me in the food blogging mood.

Even through all this, some exciting things have been happening. The women in my family all got together and baked cookies. It was great fun, but I was still recovering so I didn’t really take pictures or get recipes.

But, there will be more baking to come. I have a lot of plans to make cookies to give as gifts and for a cookie exchange. I am planning on making truffles again (maybe raspberry chocolate truffles…) to give out in the exchange. I know they aren’t cookies, but a lot of people give caramels and fudge so I think truffles will work well too.

I have kept this restaurant review in a file for awhile. I intended to do this a couple weekends ago, but never got around to it with the whole testing preparation, injury and illness thing. So … here it is… better late than never…

The Spice

One of Ames’ other newest restaurants is a place called The Spice. It is located at 402 Main Street. They serve Thai cuisine in a somewhat upscale environment. This is definitely a place you could take a date. Their presentation is excellent and their food is very flavorful.

What they offer

The Spice offers Thai cuisine for dine in. Their menu includes all Thai entrees as well as a decent selection of appetizers, drinks and desserts. They are open Mon-Thu 11am-2:30pm, 5pm-9pm; Fri-Sat 11am-2:30pm, 5pm-10pm. They also accept reservations!


The Spice is tastefully decorated with good lighting. There are booths and tables you can sit at and the booths are very nice and intimate. The music in the background is not distracting and fits the ambiance well.


The service I have received there has always been excellent. Our waiters are always very attentive and keep us up to date on the status of our food. There can be quite a wait on busy days at the Spice, but they do take reservations, which is excellent.


The first thing I always order when I go to the Spice is a mango smoothie. They have the best mango smoothies ever. They cut up real mangoes and blend it up and serve it nicely garnished in a pretty glass.


The other thing I like to order is the Chicken Pad Thai. I have not had Pad Thai very much in my life, but I really like this dish. They sprinkle ground peanuts over it and it has a delicious mildly sweet flavor. The chicken is cooked correctly goes well with the rest of the dish.


This past visit to The Spice, we actually ordered dessert. This was a fantastically plated hazelnut mousse tart. Three of my girlfriends and I shared it together and it was divine. It was rich, with a deep dark chocolate flavor. They also served it with some raspberry sauce and a small fork that was perfectly sized for eating such a rich dessert. It was well worth the price paid.


Paying, Price, and Portion Size

Unfortunately, it has been a couple weeks since I have been to The Spice and my copy of the receipt has disappeared. So, next time I go, I will update this section with pricing. In general, I would say for the amount of effort they put into presentation, and their use of quality ingredients, that the price is fair. In terms of price, this is not on the same level as most Asian restaurants in the area. It is slightly higher but well worth it. In terms of portion size, I think they are excellent. They give you just enough food to make you comfortably full. Light eaters will probably be able to take some home and heavy eaters will still be able to eat an appetizer and a dessert with their meal.

I really think The Spice is worth trying, even if you are wary of Asian cuisine. They have a variety of dishes (curries, noodles, etc.) and present them well. The environment is relaxing and well-lit and the prices are fair. The food is tasty and offers some new flavors to the Ames dining scene.



1. Foy - December 20, 2006

I do love those little forks! Perhaps The Spice will become a new dessert favorite. It’s so unusual to find good desserts at an asian restaurant.

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